Understanding The Concept2 Model E

If you have been rowing for quite sometime now on rowing machines, you may have heard of the Concept2 Model E online or in fitness journals? It is one of the best rowing machines ever released in the market. This rower is an upgrade to the Concept2 Model D. Compared to the other rowing machines out there; the efficiency and durability that it offers to it's users are unrivaled.

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Staying healthy using a rowing machine is a growing trend these days. Many people who wanted to change sports, undergo injury rehab treatment, lose extra pounds or prepare for a rowing competition find themselves using the Concept2 Model E. Why, you asked?

Several factors make this an excellent choice for a rowing machine like:

  • A sliding seat uniquely designed to allow a full body workout
  • Built with a quiet flywheel which does not only minimized noise but provides the user with a smooth performance as if you are rowing in the water
  • Built with one-piece leg beam that assures stability and a frame that is powder coated to endure long years of usage
  • Uses a nickel-plated rowing chain that is fully enclosed to keep it clean
  • An ergonomically designed handle for a natural and comfortable hand and arm movements
  • Adjustable Flexfoot footpads
  • Detachable and splits into two with caster wheels for quick maneuvering and easy storing
  • Designed with a PM4 monitor display that gives out an workout stats accurately
  • Quick transfer of performance data using USB port to your own PC or Mac using the LogCard
  • Includes a Suunto chest strap for monitoring heart rate
  • Offers 5 year warranty

Like the predecessor, it allows the user for a transfer of performance stat data using a LogCard. This is one of the strongest features I have seen in a rowing machine. The easy-to-read and efficient monitor display is like no other. It was designed where the user can easily reach it. It has a USB port for easy transferring of data to a PC or a Mac. It is also capable of storing your favorite workouts and save a previous one for comparison or review. The Concept2 Model E fitness machine manufacturer is proud that this exerciser produces accurate performance data that you can really depend on. What makes it so great is that you don't need to push any button to turn it on. The moment you start to row, it would automatically turn on and give you the necessary stats that your need.

However, unlike it's previous model, the Model E offers a heart monitoring chest strap using the Suunto technology along with a rechargeable battery pack. It is capable of transmitting heart rate stats using wireless a mechanism. The model E is like no other fitness machine. Storage is the least of your worries, as it can be split into two and has wheels for easy maneuvering. If you want a machine that has the capability to last a lifetime, get the Concept2 Model E.0

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