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Leaving the RKC was a defining time in my life.

Leaving the RKC was a defining time in my life. It was a transition from what I had built myself and my business, into being a Mom. I had trained plenty of moms, right up until the day I went into active labor. I had no frame of reference of just how trying, how rewarding, and how all-consuming motherhood really was, up to that point.

My world was turned on it's head the day I had my son. I had all the feelings of love and attachment I'd read and heard about. But I also had baby blues. Me? Yes, Me. I thought I was strong (and smart, and well-read) enough to avoid these trappings. It was another time that I found myself confused and challenged.

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I was lost also, in that I always had my health and could rely on my strength to get me through challenges. But now, my body was not my own. I had gone from 115lbs pre-pregnancy, to 185lbs, the last time I weighed myself (which was about a month before delivering, and I stand at 5'2 on a good day). The baby was out, but my body would never be the same.

I didn't bounce back after pregnancy. I wasn't one of those gals that popped out a baby and walked out of the hospital in my pre-pregnancy jeans. I trained all through my pregnancy. I ate well, and I rested well. But I steadily and progressively gained weight. Right around the time I found out I was pregnant, I gained 10 pounds. I went from 115 to 125 in a snap. But I didn't go from 185+ to 115 in another snap.

It was a burden on my spirit. I had to find my way back to me. After a good three months of recovering from having a baby, I dove back into training hardcore. I rowed in the mornings, I snatched in the afternoons, and I walked with my son in his stroller A-L-L-L-L-L day long. I tracked my progress. (I've kept a training journal since I was 17, it's a habit). I logged my food. The weight came off slowly and steadily. At the one-year mark, my pre-pregnancy weight and shape was finally within sight.

Then I found out I was expecting baby #2. This time, a girl. And my world would be rocked, yet again.

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