Training at the gym

Let me explain what I mean Most of us go to the gym to perform a selection of exercises to hopefully get some sort of different result. Wanna get stronger? Then lift progressively heavier weights over a planned time frame and theoretically your strength should improve.

At least that's how we see things here in the western world

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However, travel east and things change slightly. In Russia, for example, what we refer to as exercise they refer to as practice. What we refer to as a training programme they refer to as technical drills!

I love that Russian definition. For me it gives a whole 'new' meaning to the way we should approach our training. After all, if we play any sport we tend to have to practice certain skills to improve at that sport. These skills are specific to that sport but by constantly practicing them, WITH CORRECT TECHNIQUE , not only do we improve technically but our enjoyment of the sport improves as well.

Training in the gym is no different!

To get better results you need to continually practice one, or a group of movements, allowing you to attain a high level of competence. This is why I place such a huge emphasis on basic movement patterns and basic exercises that relate to these movement patterns. My work with a client or athlete then becomes about making them much more efficient at these movements and exercises. Effectively we 'practice technical drills!'

There is no need to try to be big and clever. All you end up doing is confusion yourself and everyone around you

The gym is where you get better at the movements that matter in your life. If you want to burn body fat live the lifestyle (diet, sleep, etc.) of someone who is lean and healthy. When you go to the gym strip away at all the unnecessary, and concentrate on the time proven basics getting better and better at them.

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