Warrior and Accelerator. These both sound like workouts that will kill you or at least leave you laying in the mud wondering what just happened! No worries, that is not what's going to happen to you after either video.


Warrior is the workout I was fortunate enough to do at the coach preview in September with my friend Molli. This workout goes by so fast. It is incredibly fun and will definitely get your blood pumping. There are no weights for this one and there are no pull-ups. My favorite move is the Down Dog Crunch set. How can I describe thisYou start in downward dog, then move into plank and lift one leg up to the ceiling behind you. Then you pull it down and through to the outside of that same arm very VERY tight. Repeat with that knee coming very tight to your forehead, then repeat with that knee going to the outside of the opposite arm. By the end of that little sequence, my abs we're on fire. No, not even fire, more like a raging inferno of flames!

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There was some jumping on this one, which fired up my glutes. I'll be feeling the One Leg Jump Squats tomorrow, for sure! I enjoyed this workout just as much today as I did at the coach preview only more because I had so much more room to move. At the preview it was pretty packed!


This workout was fabulous! It alternates between a slower move and a fast paced move, both of which will work you out! It starts with some warm up moves including what I've always known as burpees or full body drills. For this you will need some place-markers for the floor but you can really use anything; a towel, washcloth, whatever. Tony will make you stay at a slower pace than you may be used to for most moves and after doing this one, I can see why. In a move called Balance Burpees, you start in a sumo squat, hands on the floor, then jump back to plank, do a push up and move right into a side arm balance.

I'd like to just pause here and give a little love to my fellow non-coordinated people. Listen, you will be frustrated a little with some moves in this workout program if you are someone who struggles with balance, like me. What you must remember is that this program will get you to a place where you can do every move which will have an amazing affect on your physique. Keep doing the moves. You can only do it for 5 seconds today? Great, do it for 10 next time and keep on working up. Do not give up and do not use frustration as an excuse to skip the rest of the workout. If I can do it (And you can bet I will do it), as the most uncoordinated person I've ever met, you can surely do it. I believe in you and so does Tony Horton!

The crew in this video was very fun and lighthearted which means to me that I am going to really look forward to putting this in the DVD player when it shows up on the daily schedule!

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