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The goal of recovery should be to recover..simple enough. Lets say we workout 5x a week for an hour. So 5 hours a week.(still with me?) What we do with the other 163 hours seems pretty important. If my goal is to hit my nextworkout with a solid 100% effort andan always looking to improveattitude, then I would want to make sure those hours are well spent.

Life is unpredictable and busy. Here are some quickideas from my own experience that have improved my recovery and my performance in and out of the gym.

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1. Post workout recovery

I became Warrior Diet Certified in June 2009. I got to spend the day with Ori Hofmekler talking diet and getting my butt kicked in the gym. I no longer follow the Warrior Diet for a few reasons, but the major one is time. Being a trainer and working late makes it hard to plan your main meal. I have had great success with the diet, and so have many of my clients. I highly suggest reading the book even if you have no interest in the diet itself. I still follow many of the principles and here is the big one!

1. Feed your muscles with quality fast-assimilating proteins after intense workouts.

-Ideally you should have this 30mins after intense workouts

-Then again 1-3hours later

-20-30grams of Protein(Whey, Eggs, Raw cheese, etc)

-I am a big fan of Whey Protein. There is so much junk out thereI suggest you find yourself a quality protein.

Remember the word intense here. Walking to the mailbox is good..but doesn't really require a post workout protein shake.

2. Mobility

Not to get to technical here but try to keep moving. The more aware our brain is of all it's moving parts(through full range of motion) the more optimal we move through life in and out of the gym. The more predictable life becomes the less threat(stress) we carry around the Faster we Recover ! Find a system that works for you. Preform your drills in the morning, during the day,at night etc. Take 10mins and work on your mobility. This has huge payoff.

My suggestions

-Super Joints

-Relax into Stretch


One thing I see and am totally guilty of is doing great on warming up before a workout but not warming down after(time is usually not on our side). Working out is stress on the body, we want to make sure we spend a few minutes after the workout "hitting the reset button." This can have a huge impact on recovery. The faster we can reset and get on with our day, the faster we can start repairing. Try not to carry the stress of the workout on your shoulders as you complete the rest of the day.

3. Recharge or Restore Day

On an off day find some time(20-30min) to move around, have some fun and keep things light and easy. I love this idea, and have always felt better after doing something active when I was really sore and fatigued. As a trainer who teaches classes I almost always have more energy after class just by demonstrating a few things and moving around no matter what my workout was that day.

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