The 7 RULES Endomorphs need to know before working out!! Fitness HACKS

They are able to build muscle very easily, they get ripped just by visiting the gym 2 or 3 times a week. Meanwhile, the rest of us are skating along trying to grab any opportunity to build muscle and burn fat, if we just look at carbs we gain weight immediately. These people have the body type of an endomorph.

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Sooo what the heck is an endomorph?

Endomorphs are the body type of people who usually gain weight very easily, they have soft body type and look very un-athletic, they have short upper arms and wide hips, the muscles are underdeveloped and they are round in shape.

I am an endomorph, one of the worse kinds of body types. Definitely the hardest to lose fat.

OKAY, enough wallowing!

Being an endomorph does have some good points, if you are able to customize your workout and nutrition plan for you body type you will see a TON of positives.

Because endomorphs gain weight easily, they can build muscle faster compared to other body types. Use this to your advantage and you will see results faster.

Here are 7 rules all Endomorphs should consider when implementing a training program.

1. CARDIO is your friend

The never ending debate, should you do cardio before or after resistance training? Here's the answer, BEFORE resistance training.

Because an endomorphs metabolism is generally slower by doing 15 to 20 mins of cardio before training you will ramp up your metabolism to burn more fat while training.


Endomorphs generally have an abundance in slow twitch muscle fibers, which means that they have pretty good endurance compared to other body types. Doing abs in the beginning of your routine will help you build your abdominals faster by the end of your workout. This assumes that you do compound exercises and know how to engage your abs while training.


Never stay on the same type of workout. I found that endomorphs tend to plateau fast when they stay on the same type of workout. It is a good idea to implement different kinds of training schemes, like super sets, giant sets, pyramids, etc.


When training never just sail through the workout. You MUST keep your workout intense!


Take advantage of the amount of reps and sets you need to perform to see the most change as fast as possible aka the Minimum Effective Dose.

Sets for each body part should be high, around 5 8 sets.

Reps for upper body should be around 9 12 while 12 25 for the lower body.


Rest periods should be 60 seconds between sets.


Endomorphs are lucky in that they recover faster and can train much more frequently. They should rest each body part at least 48 hours before training the same body part twice. Because of their slow metabolism they need to train much more often than most though.

Find out which body type you are and you will be one step ahead of the competition. I use genetic and metabolic scientific training with my clients and find that this method of bio hacking produces the fastest results.

For more information on my training and/or to hire me as your online personal trainer contact me.

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