How could they do that?

SICFIT, the "lifestyle fitness brand" largely targeting the CrossFit community, has started opening up it's own affiliate gyms. After taking a look at SICFIT's LinkedIn page we saw that the owners of SICFIT also own CrossFit Scottsdale, further linking the two brands. To find out if there was anything shady going on with SICFIT's new affiliate initiative we decided to investigate SICFIT San Diego, the first ever SICFIT affiliate. Here's what we found.

Rip-Off Report

Upon investigation of the SICFIT San Diego website we first noticed was that some of the lines in the "FAQs" section of the site sounded rather familiar. After doing a little reading to confirm suspicions it became clear that SICFIT San Diego had copied and pasted, word for word, entire paragraphs from the CrossFit Foundations article (published in 2002), which can be found here.

There are some screen shots of the wording, with the CrossFit Foundations article first followed by the corresponding SICFIT San Diego FAQ section immediately below.

The Foundations article has helpful, simple to understand information in it, and it's online for free so that people can come to better understand fitness and nutrition. However, to use it on a professional business website without any kind of citation or attribution, especially when another company in the same industry published the information, seems to be a little different than using the Foundations article for self-education. That kind of action can get professional writers or academics in a great deal of trouble.

Posted in Fitness Post Date 07/25/2017